On A Woman Should Be

This post should be my appreciation-love-letter to Almh. my Mom because it was her birthday, but I failed to finish it due the date. So, this means I finally have moved on and fled from this grief after 5 years, haven't I? Maybe, I would never have. Not even a single day went without thinking … Continue reading On A Woman Should Be


“Rethink The City” Summary (Urban Resilience)

"54% of world population is living in urban areas," --UN Habitat, 2016 Earlier this month, I joined a free MOOC on edX initiated and presented by PhD candidates from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of TU Delft. During 3,5 weeks courses, the 2000+ participants from around the Global South countries collectively learned together … Continue reading “Rethink The City” Summary (Urban Resilience)

Rebranding is A Design Strategy

Facing the ASEAN Economy Community (AEC), creative industry section may take part as potential commodity for Indonesia economic development. Therefore, to compete in global economic market, our market dan shopping retail can’t only be considered as a mere conventional trading place. Its role extends beyond that, in a way that acts as a social space … Continue reading Rebranding is A Design Strategy

Paket Studio Ghibli

Kenapa aku bilang paket? Karena, habis nonton satu film orisinal buatan Studio Ghibli, kita bakal terobsesi buat nonton film lainnya. Dan, karena produk filmnya Ghibli nggak banyak, jadi kerasa eksklusif. Setelah sebulan aku nggak nonton film apa-apa karena masih ribet DBL, nontonin Ghibli sekali langsung bikin happy 😂 Nggak ada universe, sekuel, prekuel atau apapun relasi … Continue reading Paket Studio Ghibli

Small Yellow Book Titled “Happiness Is…”

Happiness is overrated mungkin ya sampai dibikin buku setebel 400an halaman ini. Tapi memang bener, happiness makin susah dicari karena standar happiness bagi sebagian orang itu terlalu tinggi. Dapet like banyak, punya HP baru, beli mobil, dapet pujian, nilai bagus dan lain-lain. Sumber kebahagiaan akan mengerucut sesuai dengan kebutuhan menurut kelas sosial di piramida Maslow. … Continue reading Small Yellow Book Titled “Happiness Is…”